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Decks these days generally run from $40 to $80 per square foot, or more with popular options.

Free Estimate Sundays

Need not be present for my visit. Email tim@edeck.net, or call 651-344-1849 for an appointment. After my visit, you'll receive a written estimate within a week, along with contact information for nearby references. You don't need to know colors and options; just the shape and location of the deck. Our quote will show many of the popular items' costs separately. Please don't ask for multiple versions of the shape of your deck. You should make these decisions based on the numbers shown above before requesting a free bid.

UPDATE 4/20/21: Bid timelines are increasing due to a strong increase in requests. Since we are booked into August, Free Estimate Sundays will resume June 27th. Any bids prior to August 1 are just "ballpark" numbers. I apologize for these unusual market conditions.

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