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Since 1987, I have built decks one at a time by myself. Over 600 of them. I used the slogan "One Man One Deck At A Time" to describe the process, and people seemed to be able to relate to the idea. The message was about reliability and accountability. People enjoy doing business with the guy who is actually going to do the work. Tim Copeland Construction developed a solid reputation for this.

Curved Decks
See the "Making Of" video on this deck.

For references, I have customarily supplied a complete running list of jobs since 2010. I've seen a few operators who just put out 2 or 3 of their finished jobs. Not good enough. Who knows if those few are relatives or if they exist at all. You will get the full picture.

In addition to building new decks, I offer an array of existing deck renovation services, such as repairs, and alterations. I refer staining and cleaning jobs to a very good contractor, so feel free to contact us about that too. I let you deal directly with them, so that you don't have to pay us to manage a subcontractor.

Deck Inspiration

"My earliest memory
of wanting to build decks
was inspired by
the need to contain my younger brother."

I provide free estimates on Sundays; it's a day where they can be done in a more relaxed manner without you having to take a day off and me not having to abandon the current customer. It seems to work out well for everyone.

Of course, everyone receives a written bid, with a solid price--not an 'estimate.' If you don't change the job, your price won't change.

We have lots of photos and videos of our projects, before, during, and after on the DECKS link above. Some of them also include customer testimonials, such as the one shown below.

We have been using Facebook for most of the recent material. See that at https://www.facebook.com/edeck.net/

If you have any questions, or want to set an appointment for a bid, please email me at tim@edeck.net or call
(651) 344-1849.

Tim Copeland
MN Qualified Builder Lic. #QB114073
MN Building Contractor Lic. #BC647749
Fully Insured $600K/$300K

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