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Cellular PVC is my favorite way to go for decking. So we primarily use Azek and Wolf decking, which both come with great warranties.

It is installed with the HIDfast stainless steel invisible fastening system, so you don't see any screws. Stainless steel is nearly invinsible against any deck board foe; contraction/expansion, water, treated lumber chemicals. Anything you can throw at it. Why would anyone want anything else?

Some screws are required on the borders, boards that are close to the house. We use the CORTEX system in these sitations. A matching plug is inserted over each recessed screw to make a really clean screw-free surface for the entire deck.

50-year limited warranty
Azek Slate GrayAzek BrownstoneAzek KonaAzek Dark HickoryAzek MahoganyAzek Weathered TeakAzek Coastline
See the current colors side by side in a separate window.

Comparing Decking Types



Wolf Serenity Decking
50-year limited warranty
Wolf Harbor GreyWolf AmberwoodWolf RosewoodWolf Black WalnutWolf Silver TeakWolf Sand CastleWolf Driftwood Grey
See the current colors side by side in a separate window.

Wolf Advantage


Two spacing options: 1/8th" (standard), 3/16th" (wide)

Cellular PVC is more stain resistant, cooler on the feet, more imperious to water, not made of wood flour like composites, and now are able to be made into darker richer colors with realistic wood grains.



hidFAST decking gapsAzek and Wolf can be installed with hidFAST™ fasteners. They are stainless steel, driven in with a special hydrolic air-pressure gun, coated with a lubricating oil (the brown stuff shown here). The profile shows how it offers both attachment to the joist and engagement into the next board, and uniform spacing. This adds a lot of lateral strength to the deck, compared to grooved boards, and lessens expansion and contraction.


green treated decking

Basic Green Treated is typically installed with screws. Invisible fasteners are probably not worth it for this selection. Green tends to shrink more than any other option, so we install the boards virtually touching each other and within a year or two the gap is little less than 1/4". Expect hairline cracking, but nothing structural.

Cedartone Decking
It's a brown version of treated lumber. It is also graded #1 instead of #2 like green, which means stronger and longer potential spans for the framing lumber. Matching railing parts are readily available.


Cedar Decking

Cedar is typically attached with screws, but there are invisible fastening systems available such as Camo™. Most of these add about $1 per square foot to the cost. Stairs and edges must be screwed. Decks over 20 ft wide will need staggered seams or inset border.

cedar decking
Cedar can be many different shades; but they tend to fade into a more uniform look pretty quickly when in sun, unless treated with something. There are lots of knots, but I haven't had much problem with any following thru. We do a good job of editing through the stockpile.


"LastDeck" Aluminum Decking

Available in several colors.
See more about this product at www.lastdeck.com

LastDeck™ "Redwood"