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Move the posts or change the depth of the deck shown above and note how it affects the weight distribution. It is critical that the footings are large enough to support the weight above.

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The size of the bell is proportional to the load that it supports, which can be up to 55 lbs. per square foot with snow, people and the materials themselves.  The city building official must inspect the holes to verify the depth and base diameter before I can pour the concrete.

The ground freezes up to a depth of 42 inches in the Twin Cities area.  Therefore your footings must be at least that deep or ice will form under them and cause frost heave. By Belling out the bottom of the hole and using the tube to form a smooth sidewall, ice is unable to form the leverage necessary to grip and move the footing.

Once the footing is hardened, metal connections join the wood to the concrete in a manner that will not sway, stray, or wick up water into the wood.


Requirements for future 3-season porches or screen porches:

  1. increase corner footing size by 90%
  2. locate all footings at extremities of deck (no cantilevers).
  3. increase center footing size shown by 55%
  4. beam sizes indicated need not be altered
deck footings
Diamond Pier Footings
Diamond Pier Footings

The utilities will have been marked prior to digging whether you think there are any back there or not. This is a state law.   I will take care of making it happen, and you will have little temporary lines painted on your lawn.

utility marking