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Typical framing is shown below. Slide a post to the right increase width. Adjust depth with button at bottom.

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  • All framing is figured to a rating of 40#/sq.ft.live load.
  • Joist spacing is figured at 16" o.c.
  • Joist length is total length of joist, including any cantilevers.
  • When joist extends (cantilevers) beyond support beam by 18" or more, add 1" to footing base dimensions.

deck framing detail

Beam Sizes:
We will use the beam size indicated by the spacing of your planned posts and the span of the joists. Based on No.2 or better Ponderosa Pine, treated for weather and/or ground exposure. KDAT exceeds these specifications.

Green Treated Lumber is typically used with treated decking, cedar decking, and inexpensive composites.

Brown Kiln-Dried Treated Lumber is recommended when using high-end composite decking. Brown Kiln Dried Lumber


Every detail will be called out for your planned deck before submitting it for a building permit.

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Sample Plan

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