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Typical framing is shown below. Slide a post to the right increase width. Adjust depth with button at bottom.

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  • All framing is figured to a rating of 40#/sq.ft.live load.
  • Joist spacing is figured at 16" o.c.
  • Joist length is total length of joist, including any cantilevers.
  • When joist extends (cantilevers) beyond support beam by 18" or more, add 1" to footing base dimensions.

deck framing detail

Beam Sizes:
We will use the beam size indicated by the spacing of your planned posts and the span of the joists. Based on No.2 or better Ponderosa Pine, treated for weather and/or ground exposure. KDAT exceeds these specifications.

Green Treated Lumber is typically used with treated decking, cedar decking, and inexpensive composites.

Brown Kiln-Dried Treated Lumber is recommended when using high-end composite decking. Brown Kiln Dried Lumber

We always use joist and beam tape when using composite or PVC decking, to help ensure that the frame will last as long as the decking.

Trex Protect Joist Tape

Every detail will be called out for your planned deck before submitting it for a building permit.

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Sample Plan

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